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Wednesday, June 10, 2015
No Moose Card, No Service, No Exceptions!!
As all things in life go "full circle", we are back to the topic of non-members using the lodge. Despite all of the information that is available to the general membership, there always needs to be clarification. Here we go.............

First and foremost, all members(yes even the ones that are there every day) must present their card to the Bartender at the beginning of each visit. If you left it at home, please go home and get it!!

* ALL Guests must be signed in at the Main Entrance*

1) A member may only bring each guest twice, then they must join.
2) A guest can only come twice, they may not come twice with one member then again with another member.
3) Qualified guests(unlimited visits) are spouses(someone you are married to) or a members child under the age of 21. Once they become 21, two visits and then they must join.
4) Boyfriends and girlfriends are not spouses. 2 visits and they must join.
5) Men may now sponsor women and women may now sponsor men.
6) Qualified Guests and other Guests are NOT permitted to purchase food or beverages in the lodge. WE ARE PRIVATE and will lose our Charter!!
7) Qualified Guests and other Guests are NOT permitted to participate in any of the "Sweepstakes" Activities ie. 50/50, Games, Queen of Hearts, Daily Book etc. These are benefits for our members to enjoy, not the general public. WE ARE PRIVATE and will lose our Charter.

*Any question please contact the Administrator 239-261-0322 - 8:30am - 11:00am daily or you may always log onto MOOSEINTL.ORG and visit the members area and read the rules for any clarification.
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Administrator's Message
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Brothers and Co-Workers,
Summer is upon us. Take some time to visit the lodge a little more often, offer to volunteer occasionally (WE NEED THE HELP!), and attend a meeting (2nd and 4th Monday evenings). Be part of the fraternity.. you might even have some fun!! 7 days a week, something is happening at your Lodge. Lunch Monday-Saturday 11am-2pm. Breakfast - Sunday 9am-Noon. Dinner Tuesday-Friday and the third Saturday of each month 6-7:30pm. See you soon!!

Scott StJohn
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